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Polarstar 7.5 Wire Harness

Polarstar Wire Harness (7.5", 13", 18")

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Trying to use a Polarstar Fusion Engine with an ESG?

If so, you'll need a Wire Harness! Choose from the 7.5", 13", or 18" variants.

7.5" is the shortest Polarstar cable available, and it makes installing an ESG on any engine system much easier.

13" is a happy medium length for any replica

18" is standard length for V2 kits like the F2, F1, and JACK

This Polarstar Wire Harness Features:

Polarstar Wire Harness:

  • Official Polarstar brand
  • Makes installing an HPA grip significantly easier
  • Out-of-box and ready to plug into your trigger board and FCU
  • 24 AEG wire for superior connectivity
  • Nylon mesh sheath to protect signal wires

Compatible with:

  • Compatible with any PolarStar system (Jack, F1, F2, FE)